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Site update: 6/16/13

 Front page info complete, order terms and agreements page complete. Final ORV parts run announcement.

ORV parts reservation begins.



Motor mount pic did not upload

will need to work on it tomorrow



We have fixed our "buy it now"

button option, later today pre-orders can be made using this feature as well as paypal invoicing. Inventory numbers will be correct, if item shows as out of stock please let us know, we are setting the limits to reflect availabilty opun completion of the full production run.



Buy it now still not playing nice! I found the error in my code, and am working to fix it.

Motor mount image uploaded.



Well it looks like it may take a bit

longer to fix the add to cart buttons...

Update for reaching goal: it is heading

the right direction, but very slowly...



"Add to cart" buttons included now

This streamlines the pre-purchase

for all who do not want to use invoicing. 




Hello, and thank you all for your participation in the efforts to raise the money needed to begin full production of all of the ORV parts line.


We have unfortunately not reached our goal of 20,000.00 to begin running these parts. Refunds have begun being issued and will be complete by 8/31/13.


We appologize for this and also wish to express our gratitude for your intrest and support for our products.


We are not giving up yet, we are still attempting to find money to accomplish our goal, and will need some time to do so. If in the future we are sucessful we will email everyone that pre ordered items first to let them know of the availability!


For any and all that wish to remain in contact, please feel free! We are always happy to hear from all of you out there with ideas and requests!


Best Regards

Don McAtee


TC Member??? Let us know!! 

Please if you have any questions, contact us directly at:


Question, comments? contact us for availability and product info. 




 Please check back for new products and pricing updates!

 Look for special offers coming soon!

 .50 Caliber Custom R/C Car Parts